ICAROS Pro System

The ICAROS Pro System is the world’s first full-scale VR fitness machine developed by ICAROS GmbH in Germany. Experience flight or explore the oceans in virtual reality by adjusting your weight forward, backward, and from side to side. This truly unique exercise experience blurs the line between entertainment and healthy living.


Integrated Sensor
Bluetooth Controller

Developed by ICAROS, the controller makes use of your position on the machine allowing you to comfortably navigate in-game menus and adjust your speed. Its built-in sensor communicates the machines direction with running applications


VR Game

Currently you can choose from three games to train with: Flight (Sky Exploration), Deep (Ocean Exploration), and Galaxy (Space Exploration). Each game has three play modes, with three difficulty levels. You can choose to float adrift with no objective or race through floating rings spread throughout a challenging course guaranteed to make you sweat!


Head Mounted Display

The following VR equipment is supported by ICAROS:
Samsung Gear VR

Coming Soon
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift

ICAROS setup is easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. All devices are wireless (wired options available). The above four is all you need to start flying!

Each ICAROS machine requires a controller. Currently the only headset supported in the Samsung Gear VR, but support for other HMDs is coming this summer!

ICAROS provides an effective workout that targets the entire body, especially your upper body, abs, and sense of balance. The intensity of your workout can be controlled by selecting the difficulty level in the game, as well as by adjusting the resistance levels on the machine for all types of users.



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