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FUN AND BODY (Closed September 29, 2023)
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Who We Are

Each and every day, Fun & Body empowers people to reach their fitness goals while having fun. We do this through virtual fitness, a passport to a new world where your adventure is your workout. Back on earth, our mission is to help change the world in a way that exercise becomes synonymous with entertainment.

At the core of our mission, we are redefining how people think about exercise. We are passionate about fitness, but well aware of the monotony that comes with traditional gyms. Eliminating the belief that going to the gym has to be boring is transformative by itself, but replacing that boredom with entertainment is the formula for a revolution – and that revolution is virtual fitness.


Over the last few decades, the styles we wear to the gym have changed more significantly than the equipment we use. Typically, gym equipment requires us to repeat a motion a number of times until we hit our goal. To cope with the tedium, we don a pair of headphones and get lost in our favorite music. Though this method may work for some, it’s unsustainable for the vast majority of us. Studies show that over 80% of people with gym memberships rarely use them.

Virtual Fitness

The essence of virtual fitness is rooted in entertainment, allowing us to achieve sustainability and consistency. This is the essential ingredient that puts us on the path to success. Realizing the body of your dreams is a journey, and embarking on your journey through virtual fitness allows you to choose how your journey unfolds.

Explore the depths of the ocean, adventure through space, hop into the boxing ring, or battle with samurai – virtual fitness truly puts the direction of your workout in the hands of your imagination.

Experience your imagination.
Explore new worlds.
The body you’ve always wanted awaits you at the end of your adventure.

What will your story be?


Iwamotocho 3-8-11 8F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 101-0032
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